Excel Arms 5.7 AR issue

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Excel Arms 5.7 AR issue

Post by Dan9898 » 26 Sep 2023, 05:10

So a few years back I bought a Excel Arms 5.7X rifle. Love the way it shoots but I have a recurring issue that puzzles me. If I try to load the factory 20 round magazines all the way full I have issues with the gun jamming. It is like the cartridge doesn't get all the way up into the chamber before the bolt tries to push it forward. Most of the time it creates a jam that can be cleared easily but from time to time it will partially dislodge the slug from the cartridge, leaving the slug canted at an angle, but still in the cartridge. So my question are two fold: Has anyone else had this happen and is there a fix? 2. How do you contact Excel or are they out of business? If nothing else may just take it to my local armorer and see if they have any ideas.

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Re: Excel Arms 5.7 AR issue

Post by panzermk2 » 26 Sep 2023, 07:43

Odds are it's a weak magazine spring.

This is the info I have for them. I do know they were moving from CA to Arizona
Excel Industries, Inc.
1601 Fremont Court
Ontario, CA 91761

Tel: 909-947-4867
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