Looking for Rifle Scopes...

Discuss the FN lineup of tactical rifles; the FS2000, SCAR, and the venerable FAL.
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Woozy Welder
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Looking for Rifle Scopes...

Post by Woozy Welder » 28 Sep 2013, 15:39

Hey everybody, I recently purchased a SCAR 17s. Don't get me wrong, I really dig the iron sights on it but I feel like I need a scope and I'm not too familiar with the rifle scope market. Ideally I would want an ACOG but $1200+ is too much imo. SO, what do you guys suggest? It needs to be sturdy enough to take the recoil of the .308 and still be zeroed (goes with out saying) but no more than $350 or so.


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Re: Looking for Rifle Scopes...

Post by fd57 » 29 Sep 2013, 05:34

Consider the Nikon M-308.

If you find the right price and a coupon or savings they can be had for $400ish.

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Re: Looking for Rifle Scopes...

Post by runandgun » 15 Jun 2014, 05:10

I went through the same thing...the search for an optic for my SCAR 17. I did not want a huge optic with 10x+ but I wanted more than a 4x. So I chose the Leupold Mark 6 with the CMR reticle. It's like a dot site on 1x with an illuminated center (it's actually a horseshoe ) but when set for higher magnification I get full functions of the horseshoe and ranging BDC functionality. I also picked a Larue mount and I'm very happy.

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Re: Looking for Rifle Scopes...

Post by samuelcruz » 21 Oct 2017, 23:43

A little bit of research found me this for you -

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