Picked up another 10/22

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Picked up another 10/22

Post by Ditch » 24 Dec 2015, 15:00

The new HB take down 10/22 the DNZ low mount and and a Redfield Battle Zone tac 22

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Re: Picked up another 10/22

Post by panzermk2 » 24 Dec 2015, 21:19

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Re: Picked up another 10/22

Post by Vortec MAX » 04 Jan 2016, 09:56

Very nice. I have been eyeballing those. I have three takedowns now. Actually two of them I bought for my kids. Tactical Solutions makes a lightweight heavy barrel kit that I have also been eyeballing. I may go that route.

I have a non-takedown 10/22 that I have modified so heavily that only the receiver and bolt are stock at this point. That one has a Magnum Research carbon fiber barrel and the whole package is very light. It is one of my very favorite rifles.


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Re: Picked up another 10/22

Post by jmz5 » 14 Jan 2016, 18:28

The DNZ mount is nice, I have a couple of them. It's tempting to do a build from a takedown.

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