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Re: Squibs

Post by Rapier1772 » 05 Aug 2020, 18:48

Holy donkey balls! I wouldn't even load those into a magazine, let alone try to shoot them. You have every right to be pissed.
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Re: Squibs

Post by Gunpoor » 07 Aug 2020, 16:59

Its been a crazy week and i have yet to contact Federal..... U R correct, pissed and scared as well!! If u can squib 2 shells out of one box; what prevents u from over/double charging one or more???!!!!! Their accuracy sucks as far as im concerned. The SS197SR does well. The re-loads that i have recently started loading do well (light to mid range loads)... Think i got 6 or 7 boxes of that "other shit'.... What to do??? Give it all back??? Pull em all??? Cant trust em so i wont b firing any more of em...... Guess I gotta see what Fed has to say. Prob wont b what i want to hear!!! Most likely ill end up pullen em... Or send em all to J at Elite....

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