Differences between Hunting vs Golf Rangefinders

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Differences between Hunting vs Golf Rangefinders

Post by adamhoward » 08 Oct 2018, 22:19

The Laser rangefinder can be used for hunting and golfing. You can use a laser rangefinder for both activities if you choose a smart device that has features to serve both golfing and hunting adequately. You just need to know the basic differences between golf and hunting rangefinders and some limitations.

Fast of all you have to know, what is golf rangefinder and hunting rangefinder.

Golf Rangefinder
Golf rangefinders seek for the nearest flagstick for the measuring the distance in an open field. “First target mode” is the default target setting of this rangefinder as they are built for the golfer. A typical golf rangefinder ignores distant objects like trees, people and so on. Modern and dedicated golf rangefinders come with various features to make golf easier. The “Slope Angle” helps to design shots plan, and GPS enables rangefinders to calculate the distance accurately using software and satellite information.

Hunting Rangefinder
The rangefinders always are in “Distant Target Mode” by default to spot wildlife in wooden terrains. This target set automatically ignores close objects that could obstruct the view. These rangefinders come with about a mile range so that it can range beyond the brush.

Here I wrote the 3 difference, I think this is the main difference between Golf vs Hunting Rangefinders and it should be remembered:
  • First Target And Distant Target Modes
    Golfers need “First Target Mode” to detect the near objects like flag or pin in an open golf ground. Hunting rangefinders rarely good at detecting close objects. For hunting, “Distant Target Mode” is appropriate to range a target past the wood. Modern rangefinders come with toggling options between both first target and distant target modes, but they are expensive.
  • Quick And Accurate Reading
    Golfing rangefinders detect the object quickly, and hunting rangefinders give the accurate reading. It is true that golf rangefinders do not need to be as precise as hunting one. Hunters want to make sure that their prey can be perfectly located.
    We can also think it differently. Golf rangefinders give opportunities to locate prey quickly, which is an advantage for the hunters. As the hunting rangefinders are slow, hunters may lose their target in the name of accuracy.
  • Magnification Strength
    You might be aware of the fact that Hunting rangefinders always have more magnification than the Golf Rangefinders. Golfers need the distance of the next hole, which could be maximum 400 yards. For the bow hunters and hunting, 400 yards rangefinders are also appropriate. In case of rifle hunting or long-distance shooting sports, you will be needed maximum 1000 to 1500 yards ranges.
This is the basic differences between the golf and hunting rangefinders are. Golf rangefinders and Hunting rangefinders have a lot of similarities, but their features are not completely congruent with each other. People prefer a high-functioning hunting rangefinder to fulfill both functions. But you can easily use a hunting rangefinder on the golf course, but when it comes to quick reading, you may lose your temper.

I hope this information is helpful for Golf & Hunting lovers.
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Re: Differences between Hunting vs Golf Rangefinders

Post by snakedoc7 » 11 Oct 2018, 07:03

Very good information.
I've always wondered about the difference.

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