New Ruger

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New Ruger

Post by Gunpoor » 30 Jul 2020, 06:40

Hi all! FNG here with a first post. I did a lot of research on the Ruger and decided to add one to my collection just prior to they're becoming un-obtainable.... Never seen one nor fired one umtil it arrived at my FFL. I fell in love with it and the cartridge!!! Of course then my focus turned to reloadimg the little bugger. Did a lot of loading 20 yrs ago. Had 2 "green" presses, one of which had the Micky Mouse Rube Goldburg whirly gig turd of a piggy back comversion on it.... What a POS.... Started back loadimg just before the bug hit. Red presses this time. What a night and day difference!!! After much research (i read ALL 41 PAGES OF THE RELOADING PART OF THE FORUM!!!-).

Decided to have a go at it... Heres my process, please shoot holes in it as needed.. I wash shells in warm water with Palmolive dish detergant to remove grit etc... Size on Hornady die. Run each shell into die 3 times rotatimg shell 30 degress prior to the next stroke ( was having problem not gettimg shoulder back far enough). Then wash shells again to remove lube, also i use an RCBS neck lube brush to scrub out the shells, kinda like a bottle brush if u wil... Trim cases to min on a Hornady trimmer. Deburr, chamfer necks, clezn primer pockets (no crimp removal) I dont have a go-no go gauge at this point so i measure each case in my barrel against a factory FN one.... All measurements done with a Central Tool digital caliper bpught from Sanp On man years ago (damn thing was $200 plus back then). So far ive only fired 10 rounds.... They were hdy 40gn vmax with 5.2 gns of accurate #5. Cpuldnt find true blu anywhere locally. Very very acurate load... Bullets were seated to same length as the FN 40gns.... This is a very time consuming cartridge to load and everthing must be exactly correct!!!!! Its a royal pita!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!! Lol!!!! Sorry for length of post. Please shoot ho?es in my process or any thpught on how I can impove upon it. And yes the Ruger is while not an FN a nice little piece!!!!

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Re: New Ruger

Post by randalljenks » 13 Nov 2020, 17:26


Any idea wat your velocity is?

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